About Us

Firm Profile

LAND3 Studio is a Kansas City-based Landscape Architecture firm, offering comprehensive project consulting and design services since 2007. LAND3 Studio is focused on the regional market, providing our clients with diverse experience in Parks and Recreation, Private Development, Urban Design and Streetscapes, Site Design, Healthcare, Education, Sustainable / Low Impact Development (LID), Green Roofs and Athletics.

LAND3 Studio is a young, energetic, collaborative, and flexible firm. Our team participates in an open and engaging design process with the goal of sharing ideas company-wide. Each project reflects the shared wisdom and ideas of many people, leveraging the talents and experiences of the entire professional staff. LAND3 believes successful projects are built upon a foundation of long-lasting relationships with our clients. As a result, individuals assigned to a project remain on board from beginning to end, creating a true “project memory” which ensures ideas and concepts grow and develop as the project matures.


The focus at LAND3 is on quality and accountability. We truly believe that if thoughtfully pursued, quality does not cost more and can be delivered to our clients by being diligent in the design process and involved throughout the construction phase. The creation of unique and meaningful spaces through the design of landscape and site improvements adds an exciting aspect to the framework of any project. LAND3 Studio believes that it is possible to find a solution to any contemporary problem by working in close collaboration with our clients and allied professionals. These solutions may be measured in hard data such as cost savings, energy conservation or water quality; other times the currency of success is creativity, uniqueness and quality.

MBE / DBE Status

LAND3 Studio, LLC is a certified MBE / DBE and is poised to compliment your compliance efforts and goals. It is our philosophy and approach that we are qualified and well suited for inclusion in any project, and this status only serves to make our involvement a greater compliment to your project approach.