KHI Pocket Park


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KHI Pocket Park

LAND3 worked alongside Hufft on the Kansas Health Institute (KHI) Pocket Park, located across the street from Kansas’ state capital building. The pocket park pays homage to Dr. Samuel Crumbine, a famous Kansan and first secretary of KS Board of Health, attributed with inventing the fly swatter and public health campaigns such as “Swat the Fly” and “Don’t Spit on the Sidewalk”. A statue of Dr. Crumbine interacts with the park, perceived as speaking from his soapbox to those visiting and using the park. Paver plazas are engraved with quotes of Dr. Crumbine’s, and bike racks on site are fashioned after the fly swatter.

The various spaces accommodate education for field trips but also daily users over lunch or on break. The park also celebrates Kansas landscape, incorporating native plant materials and natural landscape features including a series of limestone seatwalls.

LocationTopeka, Kansas