Red Barn Agrihood

Low-Impact or Sustainability

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Red Barn Agrihood

Located north of downtown Bentonville, The Red Barn development is an ‘Agri-hood’ (agricultural focused neighborhood) with townhomes and apartment flats. The existing red barn located on site which drove the project image, was repurposed into the cultural and activity center of the development. The barn includes a bike stop and patio as a stop along the existing Bentonville Trail System which runs along the south and east property lines of the site.

A fully operational agricultural program occupies many of the development open spaces. Along with crops, chickens and goats will roam the site. Multiple scaled spaces surround the barn and clubhouse offering the single resident or large groups places to celebrate. Hope vines, cherry trees, herb garden and blueberry bramble add a finishing touch around the barn.

LocationBentonville, Arkansas
PartnershipsModus Studio